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Good Wish

Listen: Good Wish. From Sampler (clip)

About this song:

Alexander Carmichael collected these words more than a century ago, in Gaelic, from the people of the Scottish Hebrides. This is his translation, which Kate Barnes (poet laureate of the High Ridges of Maine) sent to Jan Harmon, who set it to this tune and these chords. I loved to play cellamba with Jan when she sang it. (GB)


Good Wish

Music: Jan Harmon © 1986
Words: Traditional
Power of raven be thine, power of eagle be thine
Power of storm be thine, power of moon be thine
Power of sea be thine, power of land be thine
Goodness of sea by thine, goodness of earth be thine

Each day be joyous to thee, no day be grievous to thee
Love of each face be thine, death on pillow be thine
Goodness of sea be thine, goodness of earth be thine.