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Song for Scotty (a.k.a. Walk on Little Boy)

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About this song:

Jan's note in a cassette from July 1979.

This song I wrote for you when you were little. It has lots of special meaning to me. Also, it's a little notorious. When I was dating Michael, the drummer, he was working for a singer named Glen Yarborough. One evening we were at a party at Glen's and I sang this song. Some months later it appeared on one of his records under someone else's name. Now I don't like crooks under most circumstances, but because this was a song I had written especially for you -- the swiping of it made me particularly mad & hurt. I was really pissed! I'm not any more. The song is still for you and it's still from me. And I hope you feel the love with which it is given now.


Song for Scotty (a.k.a. Walk on Little Boy)

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1965
Walk on little boy, we've been too long together. Don't cry little boy, it's time I set you free. Walk on little boy, I've seen the change of weather. Walk along, run along, and don't you wait for me. Walk on little boy, and don't be empty hearted. A world filled with joy is there if you can see. Walk on little boy, and though our paths have parted, you just walk along, run along, and don't you wait for me. The road of life that stretches far behind me, is strewn with friends I've known from day to day. But most of all, I bless the dawn you found me, to hold my hand until you learn the way. And now, walk on little boy, and keep this brave world spinning. For life is no toy that spins the dreamer free. Walk on little boy, each day is a beginning. Walk along, run along, move along, and don't you wait, don't you ever wait, don't you wait, for me.