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A Dusty Fidelis

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About this song:

From Jan's notes included with a 1986 Christmas cassette. (FYI, the song "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", was originally written in Latin and named "Adeste Fideles.")

A DUSTY FIDELIS ... Well .. one morning Joanmarie and I got to talking about what the singing of Christmas Carols in LATIN might sound like to little kids. Joanie dear .. here's what the 4-1/2 year old in me thinks the REAL words are! How about you?

(Juanita and Bethel are sisters .. and they live in San Diego .. at least they used to!! Ray guns and jello rooms are more obscure! Note slightly Germanic overtones!)

We have been unable to locate the lyrics for this song as written by Jan. Those shown below are our current "best guess." If you think we've got it wrong, please let us know!


A Dusty Fidelis

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1986
A dusty fidelis Ladies try on panties Juanita, Juanita, and Bethel eat ham Not empty tea trays Ray guns or jello rooms Thee need a yacht or a moose Thee need a yacht or a moose Thee need a yacht or a moose Do-mi-num