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The Boozerville Circus

  • Year: 1969
  • Sheet Music: To be transcribed
Listen: "The Boozerville Circus," from a 1969 reel-to-reel recording (full song)
Listen: "The Boozerville Circus" (full song)

About this song:

Jan's note in a cassette from July 1979.

Written while working as a bar maid at Harrah's, Tahoe. Expresses feelings about that bar and bars in general.


The Boozerville Circus

By Jan Harmon
words and music © 1969
Last night I went to the circus! I sat and I watched the parade. The great lion roared from his pedestal cage - and that put the silly peacock in a rage. She ruffled her feathers and fell off the stage. Last night I went to the circus! The clown was the funniest part. His face was all puffy - his nose was all red. He tripped over everyone's feet, and he said, "Get out of my way - or I'll cut off your head." Last night I went to the circus! And I saw the daring young man. He flew through the air with the greatest of ease - but the pretty young girl on the other trapeze got dizzy from height and decided to freeze. Last night I went to the circus! I saw such remarkable things! A lady in pink had a bear on a chain. He danced when she gave him a glass of champagne. The lady said he was quite simple to train. Last night I went to the circus! The elephants stood in a line. A man on the tightrope was glistening and grand. Then somebody shot him with a rubber band. He fell with no net - and he got a big hand. Last night I went to the circus! The music was played on a drum. A man came around in his high collared shoes with popcorn and pretzels and peanuts and booze - collecting old money - and yesterday's news. Last night I went to the circus! I saw things I couldn't believe! I saw the fat lady all ironed and pressed - the half and half person - with only one breast - the snake charmer - charming his slithering guest. Last night I went to the circus! I laughed and I laughed til I cried. With animal droppings adorning the floor - I waved to the crowd as I backed out the door. I'll never go back to that place anymore. I'll never go back to the circus again. The sight of a funeral gets under my skin. I'd rather sit home and turn into a stone. Or put up a tent - and get drunk all alone.